LYF Internships

Laurel believes very much in the growth and education of those seeking to serve our awesome God. In keeping with the idea of continuing eduation, Laurel Youth Fellowship (LYF) began working with college-aged summer interns in 2009. Our goal is to mutually benefit the interns and the youth program at Laurel. Our philosophy is to allow the interns enough freedom that they can have a true learning experience while giving enough guidelines that they are not completely on their own. 


Normally, we hire two interns (one male, one female). While the interns work primarily with students of their own gender, they are not bound by gender lines. Interns are responsible for a devotional for each week of the summer the youth group is in town (about 5) and teaching Bible classes, along with many other responsibilities along the way. We see the primary job of our interns as building relationships with students, walking alongside them, and pointing them in the direction of the wonderful God we serve. Click here for an overview of our church family. Click here for a job description.

2020 Summer Interns

Demetrius Parson

Demetrius's bio and picture will be posted soon.

Ali Grant

Ali's bio and picture will be posted soon.

Past Interns

2019: Emily Keeling

2017: Madison Bassett & Mullin Green with JT and Kate

2014: Kaitlyn Cline & Markus Kessler

2011: Max Michael (right) & Joanna Holcomb (left) with former YM Clay Hartzog

2016: Autumn Josey & Sam Sherrill

2013: Kaitlyn Cline &

Michael Higginbotham (right) with JT (center)

2010: Lucas Hawley

2015: Kara Deason & Mark Rhodes with JT

2012: Trey Clark

2009: Matt Donaldson (left) with Clay Hartzog

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