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We know parenting is an ever-changing and challenging life adventure. We are currently building community among our parents, single and married, and future parents to raise our kids as the community of God.


Book Synopsis: Teen's Guide to Social Media and Devices by Jonathan McKee

Are you interested in knowing more about possible media dangers for your children? Try this resource. See JT for a hard copy.

General Resources

This is a very helpful ebook for parents who are giving their student the first cell phone. This is a big moment in the life of your family. This ebook will help you set you up for success.

This ebook can help parents communicate with their teenager. It’s one thing to talk to your teenager. It’s a whole other thing to be heard by your Teenager. This ebook helps parents to “speak teenager” in such a way that the message will get across.

Have a first-time or new driver in the house? Use this contract to clearly communicate the groundrules and responsibilities that come with being on the road. Use this contract exactly as it is or modify it to fit your situation.

Use these lunch box notes to encourage your student no matter what the situation. Lift them up with a word straight from Scripture to make their day a little better and help them refocus.

Tired of stale or lacking dinner table discussion with your adolescent? Use these discussion starters to get more than a "Yes," "No," or "Fine" out of your student and take converstaions to places they need to go. We're the parents, it's our job to make the effort and know what's happening in their lives.

Audio from Week 3
Audio from Week 4
Audio from Week 7
Audio from Week 6
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